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 - Serving Sacramento Businesses for over 25 years-
Is proud to announce the offering of Enhanced Services to our clients,
featuring the following:

bulletEvaluation - Let us evaluate what you have and what you may want to add, or change, to your environment
bulletConsultation - Let us discuss your needs and offer you the correct product and services to get it right the FIRST time
bulletProcurement - Let us order your equipment, from our vast network of suppliers, leaving your people free to do their jobs.  Just tell us when you want it and we will handle the logistics.
bulletWarehousing - Let us store your products, for a staged ROLLOUT, in our insured facility.  We can then deliver your equipment on your schedule.
bulletConfiguration - Let us integrate all the components and test them before you take delivery.  We can also do CUSTOM imaging, for consistent software loading, and saving you time, space, and money.
bulletDelivery - Let us deliver your systems using our dedicated fleet.  We can deliver it ON SCHEDULE and ALL AT ONCE - not separate boxes, spread out over several days, while you cannot make use of them until they all arrive.
bulletSetup - Let us unbox, place and setup your systems.  We can verify network connectivity, verify operability, and even haul away the packaging.
bulletOngoing support - Let us maintain your Network Systems, Servers, Desktops, Laptops, and Printers-  both within warranty and post warranty.
bulletUpgrades - Let us upgrade your systems with more memory, bigger drives, new peripherals, etc
bulletSupplies - Let us provide you with competitive pricing for all your toner, ink, and specialty paper needs. 
bulletDisposal - Let us help you dispose of retired equipment.

Many of these services can save you time, effort, and money.  Our customers can avail themselves of these many services, picking the one's that suit them at the moment.  Please discuss with us how we may assist you with any projects you may have.




Office Hours:  Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm  Other times by Appointment




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INACOMP services can help you make the most of your existing and new purchases.

Security & Surveillance is an exciting new area that we can help you with.  Click here to find out more

Microsoft Small Business Server allows your business to keep all information in house.. email, website, files, and program and access them remotely from anywhere.


If it isn't broken, upgrade it.  HP is offering a terrific new promotion that can save you up to $1000 on a new Laserjet printer.  Click here for details.

All with the reliability of a HP Laserjet and simple maintenance... supported by INACOMP and HP.






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